There are no current spider-related events scheduled.

Hopefully there will be more offerings of the OSU Spider Biology course, but all Stone Lab courses last two years (2020/2021) were cancelled due to the pandemic.  No section of Spider Biology is being offered in the summer of 2022 to my knowledge.

Spider Biology course

The Ohio State University sometimes offers a Spider Biology course in the summer.  The course is an intensive upper division course taught at the Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie.

Instructor:  Dr. Richard A. Bradley, Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology.

Schedule:  no sections scheduled at this time

Format: Meets daily from 8-4, with occasional informal evening spider observation sessions. The course includes lectures, hands-on laboratory work, field trips, and individual research projects.  Course information is available here.

Most students in this course take advantage of the residence facilities on the island. This small island campus creates a unique “total immersion” learning experience.  The majority of students are enrolled at The Ohio State University, or obtain credit from another institution.  Teachers and others who are not currently OSU students may also be able to take the course as a “workshop option.”  Inquire with the Stone Laboratory staff about this possibility.

If you decide to enroll in this course, it is important for you to begin planning early.  Tuition assistance is available in the form of scholarships.  Application for such scholarships must be completed and submitted by March, xxxx.