Useful links to spider-related web sites:

World Spider Catalog (a technical site with current taxonomic information)

American Arachnological Society (AAS)

International Society of Arachnology (ISA) [formerly Centre International de Documentation Arachnologique (C.I.D.A.)

SpiderID (formerly (a useful identification site)

BugGuide (a very useful identification site for insects and spiders)

Xerces Society (this is one of the few organizations that focuses on invertebrate animal conservation, their work is based on solid scientific research, you will find useful educational resources here)

American Tarantula Society Headquarters (Hints on keeping spiders in captivity, among other things, obvious focus on larger species but there is a lot of helpful information here. Consider browsing through the forums section of the page.)

Spiders-in-your-playground (some general information plus a long list of nice links)

Spooky spider facts relevant to Halloween (with some links)

There are many Facebook pages dedicated to spiders of various kinds. Two that are relevant to our area are the American Arachnological Society Group (must join to post) and the Spiders Ohio Group (open).  If you have interesting local (Ohio) spider observations or questions, I’d suggest the Spiders Ohio Group.